Primary Attribute Agility
Strength 190 (+17)
Agility 250 (+32)
Intelligence 170 (+15)
Starting Health 200
Movement Speed 2.85
Weapon Damage 48.02 (+3.21)
Weapon Speed 1.6
Attack Range 5
Armor 250 (+32)
Sight Range 12
Class  ??
Role  ??
Status Current
Alignment Chaotic Evil

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A scientifically bred soldier by the Dominion Advanced Research Projects Agency and named thusly, Darpa is employed as an expendable assassin to be used against foreign powers. He is equipped with primitive but powerful equipment, such that enemies capture will not jeopardize the profile of Dominion technologies.

Darpa is equipped to chase and kill. His abilities protect him in the heat of battle and allow him to catch up very quickly with enemy targets.


Vendetta (passive): Each attack by Darpa applies a Vendetta stack to the target that lasts 15 seconds. Vendetta stacks reveal an area around the target based on stack count. Stacks up to 3 times. Vendetta stacks prolong the effects of Tracking Spider and Sonic Grenade.

[1 Stack] 4 unit reveal radius
[2 Stack] 8 unit reveal radius.
[3 Stack] 12 unit reveal radius.

Tracking Spider
Tracking Spider: Darpa tags the targets face with a tracking spider, consuming all Vendetta stacks, dealing damage per second. The spider lasts 2 seconds + 1 second for every stack consumed.

Level 1: Deals 30 (+5% AGI) damage per second.

Level 2: Deals 45 (+5% AGI) damage per second.

Level 3: Deals 60 (+5% AGI) damage per second.

Level 4: Deals 75 (+5% AGI) damage per second.

Cyanide Clip
Cyanide Clip: Darpa loads a cyanide clip into his second armament once every few seconds, and will fire it on his next attack to deal bonus weapon damage. The cyanide clip also slows the target's movement and weapon speed 25% for 3 seconds. Applies a Vendetta stack.

Level 1: 12 second cooldown. Deals 0.50x weapon damage.

Level 2: 10 second cooldown. Deals 0.75x weapon damage.

Level 3: 8 second cooldown. Deals 1.00x weapon damage.

Level 4: 6 second cooldown. Deals 1.25x weapon damage

Sonic Grenade
Sonic Grenade: Darpa tosses a sonic grenade that silences the target and shatters the target's armor on impact, removing all Vendetta stacks. Effect lasts 3 seconds + 1 second for every stack consumed.

Level 1: Reduces armor 15%. Deals 50 (+7% AGI) damage on impact.

Level 2: Reduces armor 25%. Deals 75 (+7% AGI) damage on impact.

Level 3: Reduces armor 35%. Deals 100 (+7% AGI) damage on impact.

Level 4: Reduces armor 45%. Deals 125 (+7% AGI) damage on impact.

Desperado Jump
Desperado Jump: Darpa jumps a short distance over cliffs. Upon landing, he leaves a cloud of dust that lasts 3 seconds. Allies in the dust cloud receive bonus Evasion. Can be used 3 times in quick succession. 13 second cooldown.

Level 1: 7 unit range. Allies in cloud gain 20% evasion.

Level 2: 9 unit range. Allies in cloud gain 30% evasion.

Level 3: 11 unit range. Allies in cloud gain 40% evasion.

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