Primary Attribute Agility
Strength 160 (+17)
Agility 220 (+25)
Intelligence 175 (+19)
Starting Health 150
Movement Speed 2.75
Weapon Damage 45.02 (+2.5)
Weapon Speed 1.6
Attack Range 6.5
Armor 220 (+25)
Sight Range 12
Class Carry/support
Role Physical-Spell Carry/ Controller.
Status Current
Alignment Chaotic Evil

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Discharged from the Dominion for being too aggressive even by their standards, Rancor sets out on his own, on a road to success in the wake of chaos and destruction. He is paid handsomely by corporate powers, as an operator who specializes in whole-world annihilation, to open new trade routes. Armed to the teeth with nuclear weapons, Rancor visits various planets throughout the solar system, providing destruction wherever it is needed.

A master of information acquisition and subterfuge, Rancor is your standard ghost with nuclear warheads up the wazoo.


Skills/Resourcefulness Skills/Dead Eye Lockdown Skills/Satellite Vision Skills/Dead Eye Cloak Field Skills/Armageddon

Playing as Tiberius.RancorEdit

Rancor can play multiple roles throughout each game. He begins the game as a strong support caster, able to stun enemies with Dead Eye Lockdown, drop multiple nukes on enemies and creep waves, and move around unseen using Dead Eye Cloak Field. Use Dead Eye Cloak Field in conjunction with Dead Eye Lockdown to deal maximum damage.

Later in the game, Rancor can be built as either a powerful intelligence-based caster or a high DPS auto-attack killing machine... or even a combination of the two! With high agility, rancor beomes extremely fast while his Cloak Field is active, allowing Rancor to quickly chase down (or easily escape from) your enemies. Acquiring time-scale items like Hyperion Shield Generator and Sunflare Gun is extremely useful for rancor, allowing him to use his various abilities much more frequently.

Rancor is better as an autoattack hero seeing as spells become weaker later on in the game compared to autoattack. Although, going an agility build on Rancor is more difficult then an Intelligence build it is much more effective and Rancor is probably the fastest hero in the game when his cloak is active.

I would suggest going an Intelligence build if you are a new player, but if you are an experienced player Agility is the way to go.

Playing against Tiberius.RancorEdit

Rancor is fairly squishy. But to kill him you are going to need detection of some kind. His cloak is very useful when used to get out of tight situations that aren't in his favor. Gank him or have your Gravitus, Boros or Mandrake (if you have any of them) pull/throw him into your team and quickly dispatch of him. Targeting him first will eliminate a very strong support hero for a little while so you can push towers or engage the rest of the enemy team.

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