This page consists of terms and acrynoms commonly used around the community.

AA - (n) Auto-attack
aspd - (n) Attack speed
b - (v) Back away; run off; danger, etc.
Backdoor, bd - (v) To attack a lane behind any living enemy creeps; this is illegal in NA inhouse games
BHM - (n) Black Hole Magnum
Blink - (v)Short range teleport
bm - (n) Bad manners
brb, BRB, rb, br - (v) Be right back. The last 2 are often used when the player is rushed through typing. Carry - (n) The person who solos a lane in order to get more levels quicker. (Arguably the most important role) Creeps - (n) NPCs owned by the Zerg Hivemind, the Protoss Encampment, or by neutrals. These grant minerals and experience when killed. See Creeping. Creeping - (v) Killing creeps with the purpose of gaining levels and minerals to buy items. Often used when an enemy is spotted in an empty lane or in the jungle.
Contam, C-Shard - (n) Contamination Shard
DST - (n) Darksteel Titan
Farm - Kill (neutral) creeps to mass up minerals & EXP; Farmer (n) a player who farms
Feed - (v) To "feed" the other team, to give them easy or repetitive kills with no serious consequence to them; Feeder (n) a person who feeds
Gank - (v) Piling; jumping; gang-banging, etc; Ganker (n) a person who ganks (the carry is the primary person who ganks)
g - (n) Gone. See MIA. (n)
g2g, gtg - (v) Got to go
gg, GG, * *, m m, etc. - Good game. The last 2 are examples of "Korean" style gg's, which are usually mockery's
IAS - (n)Increased Attack Speed
Initiate - (v) To start something (typically a fight); instigate
Levi - (n) Short for the Young Leviathan boss found in the left side of the river.
MIA - (n) Missing in Action (phrase of military origin), a hero is missing & is basically warning you to be wary of any ganks
ms - (n) Missing. See MIA.
MS - (n) Movespeed
Noob, nub - (v) A new and inexperienced player. Sometimes used to refer to bad players.
Obs - (n) Observer Toolkit
P-Hammer, Hammer - (n) Pulse Hammer
Pluck - (v) An isolating initiation move, specifically refering to Geminus.Boros' Psionic Bola and Infernal.Mandrake's Molten Lance.
QQ,qq - (v) Quit (n) Crybaby
Regen - (n) Short for "regeneration", the speed at which your Health, mana or Shields regenerate.
Rq - (n) Short for rage quit, which is when some one quits the game when he gets too pissed.
SHM - (n) Superheated Mantle
Take Aeon - (v) To kill Aeon
SS - (n) Missing. See MIA.
Solo - (v) Act of being alone in a lane without teammates.

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