Skills are what make heroes unique. Each hero has 5 skills, including a Heroic skill, 3 Normal skills, and an Ultimate skill

Skill ClassesEdit


A heroic skill is an un-upgradable skill that the hero possesses throughout the whole game. All heroic skills up till now are passives. However, it was suggeested that heroic actives to be implemented.


Each hero have 3 normal skills, which can be upgraded at the cost of a Skill Point, to a maximum of level 4. Normal skills generally have level requirements of levels 1, 3, 5, 7 of the hero for levels 1, 2, 3 and 4 of this skill respectively.


An ultimate skill (or ulti for short) is the last skill of a hero. This skill, like normal skills, are upgradable using a Skill Point. Though, unlike normal skills, an ultimate skill has only 3 levels, and generally has level requirements of levels 6, 11, and 16 of the hero for levels 1, 2 and 3 of this skill respectively. The effects of an ultimate skill are normally superior to those of Normal skills, however they carry heavier penalties such as a longer cooldown or higher energy cost.

Skills ListEdit

Hero Heroic Normal Ultimate
Micro.Gravitus Fast Twitch Constricting Slime Psionic Slam Spatial Flux Expand!
Lord.Zyrkhan Charisma Overdrive Blinkstorm Tenacious Fury Immortal Solace
Infernal.Mandrake Fan The Flames Molten Lance Martyr Molten Armor Epilogue
Sarah.Kerrigan Exhume Bone Blade Boomerang Glaive Wurm Bone Armor Swarm Invasion
Molgloo.Grunty Point Blank Assualt Shawtgun Swamp Trap Rocket Lawncher River Racer
BioTron.Tyrannitus Hive Master Civilian Takedown Cannibalize Aberrated Claymore Putrify
Chuck.TBone Capacitive Clip Brownstone Fissure Anabolic Burst Echo Matrix Brownstone Totem
109px 76px 76px 76px 76px 76px
Tiberius.Rancor Resourcefulness Dead Eye Lockdown Satellite Vision Dead Eye Cloak Field Armageddon
EnTaro.Tassadar Khala AEther Khala Triforce Juxtapose Elude Ardent Retribution
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