Primary Attribute Agility
Strength 22 (+4)
Agility 32 (+8)
Intelligence 20 (+4)
Starting Health 300
Movement Speed 2.65
Weapon Damage 40
Weapon Speed 1.8
Attack Range 1
Armor 2
Sight Range 12
Class Fighter
Role Carry
Status Current
Alignment Neutral

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The Zer'atai have always been known for their tradition of adorning armor with the bones of slain Zerg. However, such traditions would not serve this ill-fated templar well, as a lapse in judgment permanently fused the templar to his armor. Stripped of his name, his sanity and his origins, Shadow entered The Void itself, where he was greeted warmly by the Dark Voice.

The Dark Voice channels energy through Shadow, allowing him to blur the lines between reality and The Void.


Class Heroic
Type Passive
Shadow does not appear on the minimap. While out of combat, Shadow becomes harder to see, and gains 3% movement speed every 5 seconds up to 21% movement speed (35 seconds). The stacks are removed when shadow takes or deals damage.
Level Description
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Class Normal
Hotkey Q
Type Active
Target Type None
Shadow teleports 3 units forward, dealing Spell Damage in an area between his cast position and blink position.
Level Description Energy CD
1 Deals 90 (+60% Weapon Damage) Spell Damage. 70 16
2 Deals 160 (+60% Weapon Damage) Spell Damage. 80 15
3 Deals 230 (+60% Weapon Damage) Spell Damage. 90 14
4 Deals 300 (+60% Weapon Damage) Spell Damage. 100 13
Shadow Vortex
Shadow vortex
Class Normal
Hotkey W
Type Active
Target Type Ground
Shadow generates a vortex by compressing space into a point, sucking in nearby units over 2 seconds. When released, the vortex reduces enemy Movement Speeds by 33/44/55/66%, and increases allied Movement Speeds by the same amout for 2.5 seconds.
Level Description Energy CD Rng
1 +/- 33% movement speed. 70 20 6
2 +/- 44% movement speed. 80 18 6
3 +/- 55% movement speed. 90 16 6
4 +/- 66% movement speed. 100 12 6
Stepping Strikes
Stepping strikes
Class Normal
Hotkey E
Type Passive
Shadow attacks swiftly, increasing his attack range. When attacking an enemy unit, Shadow instantly teleports behind the unit.
Level Description
1 Weapon range increased to 1.5.
2 Weapon range increased to 1.75.
3 Weapon range increased to 2.0.
4 Weapon range increased to 2.25.
The Shadow Walk
Shadow walk
Class Ultimate
Hotkey R
Type Active
Target Type Ground
Shadow generates a 6/9/12 radius shroud of darkness at target location for 8 seconds. Enemies in the shroud have their sight radius reduced to 0. While in the shroud, gains +30% Weapon Speed, and +15% Movement Speed.
Level Description Energy CD Rng
1 Shroud has a 6 unit radius. 100 150 6
2 Shroud has a 9 unit radius. 150 120 6
3 Shroud has a 12 unit radius. 200 90 6
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Playing as ShadowEdit

Shadow is very squishy but can deal massive amounts of damage on enemy heroes so getting an accelerator and some ambient balancers is good in early game.

Also, using HoM when you use Shadow Walk can maximize your damage output massively.

In late game, getting an Organic Carapace or two will increase Shadow's survivability meaning he can quickly gank enemy heroes with less chance of dying before they do

Playing against ShadowEdit

Shadow is a very squishy hero, meaning that landing a few hits on him can severely lower his life. If you're having trouble with Shadow, consider purchasing a Barbed Armour.

Premium GuideEdit

Shadow, the Invisible Pr- v6.0+ Shadow Guide - CaptCPC