Changelog v4.25Edit


Internal Version 2544
New Heroes:
- Balrog.Brutalizer
- Viron.Volkov
- Garamond.Singsprocket
- Pools now only heal heroes.
- Slows are now universally identified with an orange swirling vortex at the feet of the affected unit (similar to stun, but larger and positioned the total Health on a hero. Each tick denotes 200 Health or Shield.
- Enemy overhead Health bars are colored red for ease of identification.
- Overhead displays now also show the Player Name and Level of the hero.

Coat of Arms
- Radius of effect increased to 15, up from 5.
Sunflare Gun
- Now acquires targets properly when casting.
Psiblaster Beacon
- Movement speed of Psiblaster Marines increased to 3.5, up from 2.25.
- Now drains 10 energy per second, up from 4.
Arbalest Beacon
- Weapon Damage increased to 10, up from 7.
Hand of Mengsk
- Now grants 25% Lifesteal while active, instead of healing for 50% of damage dealt after duration ends.
Pulse Hammer
- Item proc is no longer illustrated by a floating icon.

Last Stand
- Health bonus increased to 160 + 40*LVL, up from 40*LVL.
- Damage Bonus increased to 15%, up from 12%.
- Range reduced to 5, down from 6.

- Fixed bug causing Stone Pillars to have no unit radius.
- Fist of Gaia now deals 400/600/800 (+20% INT), up from 400/600/800 (+10% INT).
- Infected Civilians now have 4% of BioTron's maximum health, up from 1 health at all levels.
- Infected Civilians now have 30% Spell Evasion, down from 60%.
- Dark Matter now only reflects physical damage, instead of all damage.
- Updated hero shop description.
- Molten Lance now deals 80/150/220/290 (+10% INT), down from 80/160/240/320 (+10% INT).
- Martyr bonus movespeed decreased to 14%, down from 20%.
- Epilogue effect radius reduced to 4, down from 5.
- Molten Armor now singes the attacker if they are within 3 units of Mandrake, dealing 20/40/60/80
damage over 4 seconds. Singed debuffs do not stack.
- Resourcefulness now grants a 50% + 5% per level consumable bonus, up from 8% per level.
- Fixed cooldown of Cyanide Clip.
- Duration of Sonic Grenade increased to 3 + Vendetta stacks, up from 2 + Vendetta stacks.
- Primary attribute has been changed to STR.
- STR gain increased to 200+27, up from 170+18.
- AGI gain decreased to 170+18, down from 200+27.
- Rocket Lawncher now scales with STR, instead of INT.
- Assault Shawtgun now scales with STR, instead of AGI.
- Double Strike: Now grants +10/18/26/34% Critical Strike Damage. +5/10/15/20% Critical Strike Damage.
- Omnislash now deals 60 + weapon damage, instead of spell damage based on STR or AGI.
- Omnislash no longer targets light units.
- Boros is no longer silenced when using Spell Storm.
- Bone Blade Boomerang now deals 50/90/130/170 (+5% STR), down from 60/100/140/180 (+8% STR).
- Attack projectile changed for better visibility.
- Intoxicating Fumes now decreases Time Scale by 20% for 6 seconds, stacking up to 4 times.
- Toxic Gust damage increased to 70/140/210/280 (+10% AGI), up from 70/120/170/220 (+10% STR).
- Venomous Reflux impact damage increased to 60/100/140/180, up from 55/70/85/100.
- Venomous Reflux periodic damage increased to 40/80/120/140 (+10% AGI), up from 40/80/120/140 (+7% AGI).
- Chemical Reversal reworked: Passively grants 100/200/300/400 Armor. For every 7% of health missing, Vespus gains 2/2.5/3/3.5% movement speed.
- Neurotic Visage reworked: When damaged, Vespus slows the attacker's weapon speed by 40/60/80% for 3 seconds.
- Spatial Flux no longer costs Health to cast, down from 8% Health.
- Fast Twitch cooldown is no longer reset by repeatedly attacking.
- Fast Twitch now also stuns the target for 1 second.
- Sticky Trail slow increased to 40%, up from 30%.
- Peristalsis no longer has an casting cost.
- Peristalsis is no longer removed by stuns or silences.
- Fungal Toxin now deals 50/65/80/95 (+3% INT) damage per second, up from 40/50/60/70 (+3% INT).
- Infested Airborne Division unit durations increased to 25 seconds, up from 22.
- Infested Airborne Division now costs 3% energy, instead of 2.5% health.
- Metabolic Parasite now stops channeling when the target is dead.
- Metabolic Parasite now deals 50/90/130 + 3/4/5% (+0.5%/200 INT), instead of 40/80/120 + 3/4/5% (+0.5%/200 INT) of total health.
- Blinkstorm's coooldown increased to 20 seconds at all levels, up from 30/25/20/15.
- Overdrive's cooldown increased to 20 seconds at all levels, up fom 30/25/20/15.
- Raynor's Raiders now recieve a 100% boost to Health and Weapon damage when following Raynor, up from 50%.

Changelog v4.11Edit

Internal Version 2395
{C}- Fixed death/assist mixup. Stats will now properly record.

Changelog v4.10Edit

Internal Version 2394 {C}Gameplay
- Fixed k/d/a stat logging.
- BioTron.Tyrannitus
- Infected Civilians damage increased to 4% of BioTron's STR, up from 2%.
- Infected Civilians now slow the target for 2.5% MS and AS, up from 2%.
- Disinfecting Ward animation swapped for a less memory intensive model.
- Caustic Salve now heals or damages the target for 75/100/125/150 (+4% INT) over 15 seconds, down from 100/150/200/250 (+4% INT).
- Caustic Salve now heals 3x faster when the target is below 40% health, up from 2x faster.
- Caustic Salve now costs 90/100/110/120 energy, down from 95/110/125/140 energy
- Casting Desperado Jump on a location outside his cast range will now cause him to jump the maximum distance towards the target location, instead causing him to move into range of the target before jumping.

Changelog v4.9Edit

Internal Version 2393
- Added Vagabond.Darpa
- Added Egon.Stetmann
- Adjusted sound dropoff. You will be able to hear game sounds even while zoomed out.
- When a unit evades an effect, the "Miss!" indicator is now displayed over the head of the unit that missed.
- Creeps no longer have spell resistance while waiting in base.
- Creeps now wait in the base for 15 seconds before mobilizing, down from 55 seconds.
- Changed level up animation.
- Mineral reward for assists increased to 125+LVL*10, up from 40+LVL*9
- You no longer lose minerals for dying, down from LVL*22.
- Respawn time decreased to LVL*4 seconds, down from LVL*6 seconds.
- Buyback has been disabled.
- When reviving, you now appear with 100% health and energy, up from 50% health and energy.
- Standing in the pool now renders you invulnerable and illuminates your hero with a halo.
- All heroes now have base 15% Damage Resistance.
- Significantly reduced doodad count across entire map. Should help low-spec computers perform better on average.
- Reduced size of overhead team score dialog.
- Reworked Leaderboard display, now displays inventory, creep kills, tower kills, and true game time.
- Primary attributes are now identified by yellow text, instead of a # tag.
- Obelisks are now heroic.
- Fixed bug causing bosses to regain a small amount of health at the 5-minute mark, regardless of whether or not it is in combat.
- Reduced size of team score display.
- Added "-sb" command: Spacebar Hotkey Function: Changes between Tap-to-Center and Tap-to-Lock modes.
- Added "-lb" command: Leaderboard Hotkey Function: Changes between Tap-to-Center and Tap-to-Lock modes.
- Armor now reduces physical damage by 0.9992, up from 0.9995.
- Tower armor reduced to 700/850/1050/1350, down from 1150/1300/1650/2100.
- Experience gain per kill increased to 200+35*LVL, up from 120+20*LVL.
- Tower weapon speed increased to 1.4, up from 1.8.
- Increased collision radius of heroes from 0.5 to 0.75.
- Creeps now start with 60 armor, down from 150 armor.
- Creeps now gain 25 armor every 7.5 minutes, down from 40.
- Creeps now gain 2 weapon damage every 7.5 minutes, up from 1.
- Creeps now gain 20 life every 7.5 minutes, up from 13.
- Destroying a spawning structure (Gateway/RoachWarren/CyberneticsCore/HydraliskDen) will now increase creep scaling stacks by 3, up from 2.
- Encampment Zealot model size increased to 1, up from 0.9.
- FCT text no longer reveals position of cloaked units.

Contamination Shard
- Weapon damage reduced to 20, down from 35.
- Armor reduction per stack reduced to 100, down from 200.
Isomorphic Pyre
- Weapon speed bonus reduced to 25%, down from 30%.
- Recipe cost increased to 700, up from 550.
Infernal Shard
- Now procs for 11% of your highest attribute, down from 15%.
Serrated Cleaver
- Now procs for 8% of your primary attribute down from 10%.
Neosteel Vestaments
- Armor bonus reduced to 150, down from 350.
- Cost reduced to 450, down from 600.
Diamond Bark
- Armor bonus reduced to 350, down from 700.
Primal Gutter
- Armor bonus reduced to 150, down from 350.
Barbed Plating
- Recipe cost increased to 1000, up from 550.
Shrapnel Cloak
- Armor bonus reduced to 350, down from 700.
Superheated Mantle
- Armor bonus reduced to 350, down from 700.
- Spell Resistance reduced to 12%, down from 17%.
- Removed burning animation from user. Enemies still ignite when deal damage.
Pneumatized Cloak
- AGI bonus reduced to 180, down from 210.
Infernal Shard
- AGI bonus reduced to 200, down from 250.
Psionic Lasher
- AGI bonus reduced to 225, down from 300.
Chrono Elixir
- Reduced opacity of potion effect to 30%.
- Reduced specular from 3 to 2.
- Reduced opacity of potion effect to 30%.
- Reduced specular from 3 to 2.
Distilled Adrenaline
- Reduced opacity of potion effect to 30%.
- Reduced specular from 3 to 2.
Blinkmoth Infusion
- Reduced opacity of potion effect to 30%.
- Reduced specular from 3 to 2.
Spell Buffer
- Spell Resistance reduced to 25%, down from 26%.
Higgs Boson Capacitor
- Now costs 1800, down from 2100.
Twin Paradox Isolator
- Recipe now costs 500, down from 800.
Chrono Dagger
- Price increased to 2100, up from 1800.
Hyperion Shield Generator
- No longer renders the target invulnerable. Can only target enemies units.
- Duration of stun reduced to 3 seconds, down from 4.
Sunflare Gun
- Now reduces the target's Time Scale by 90%, up from 50%.
- Now lasts 6 seconds, down from 10.
{C}Phase Cloak
- Bonus damage is now applied after the damage is inflicted, and no longer directly modifies weapon damage.
{C}Space-Time Capsule
- Units will no longer have collision while channeling Space-Time Capsule.
{C}Psionic Lasher
- Recipe cost reduced to 650, down from 1100. Total cost is now 3800.
- Now drains 35 energy at all levels, dealing the amount drianed in true damage.
- No longer subject to diminishing returns.
{C}Pocket Observer Toolkit
- Sight radius decreased to 8, down from 10.
- Upgrading to Truesight Lens no longer allows the observer to survive indefinitely.
- Upgrading to Truesight Lens no longer boosts sight radius by 2.
- Truesight Lens bonus vitals reduced to 100 life and shield, down from 200 each.
- Now lasts 10 minutes, up from 6.
{C}Field Radar Toolkit
- Radar radius increased to 10, up from 8.
- Now lasts 10 minutes, up from 6.
{C}Quantum Spade
- Fixed description.
{C}Zerg Symbiosis
- Added lifesteal effects to each attack.
- Cost reduced to 450, down from 650.
- Fixed typo, now properly reads 15% lifesteal.
{C}Sanctum Relic
- Added lifesteal effects to each attack.
- Recipe cost reduced from 800 to 400.
- Increased lifesteal amount from 15% to 20%.
{C}Lord Zyrkhan
- Fixed description of Tenacious Fury.
- Blinkstorm now deals 15/30/45/60 (+3% STR) damage, up from 10/20/30/40 (+2% STR).
- Overdrive now deals 15/30/45/60 (+3% STR) damage, up from 10/20/30/40 (+2% STR).
- Duration of Overdrive reduced to 3 seconds, down from 4.
- Fixed bug causing BioTron to not appear after an Aberrated Claymore if the target area is fogged.
- Increased range of Aberrated Claymore to 14, up from 8.
- Aberrated Claymore now costs 6% of BioTron's health, down from 8%.
- Increased range of Cannibalize to 3, up from 2.
- Increased range of Civilian Takedown to 10, up from 7.
- Civilian Takedown now fans out from left to right.
- Increased number of Infested Civilians on Civilian takedown to 3/5/7/9, up from 2/3/4/5.
- Decreased spawn rate of Hive Master to 6-0.15*(LVL-1), up from 5-0.15*(LVL-1).
- Infected Civilians now slow the target by 2% per attack, up from 1% per attack, and deal damage equal to 2% of BioTron's STR.
- Infected Civilian defbuffs now last 3 seconds, down from 6.
- Infected Civilians now have a 60% chance to ignore spell damage.
- Putrify no longer slows the target, down from 10% MS and AS.
- Putrify no longer deals damage per second, down from 30/50/70 (+1% INT).
- Putrify cooldown lowered to 80 seconds, down from 110 seconds.
- Putrify now lasts 10 seconds, down from 13.
- Putrify now costs 10% of BioTron's health, down from 18%.
- Cooldown of Omnislash reduced to 110/100/90, down from 130/120/110.
- Energy cost of Omnislash reduced to 150/200/250, down from 175/240/305.
- Fixed bug that caused Stepping Strikes to reduce base weapon damage by 3.
- Magnitude no longer tapers out at the end. Explosions now occur in a straight line.
- Magnitude damage increased to 60/120/180/240 (+10% INT), down from 60/110/160/210 (+10% INT).
- Molten Lance range decreased to 6/8/10/12, down from 4/7/10/13
- Brownstone Fissure damage reduced to 65/120/175/230 (+5% INT), down from 80/140/200/260 (+7% INT).
- Echo Matrix damage reflection reduced to 8/16/24/32%, down from 10/20/30/40%.
- Echo Matrix no longer has a slowing effect, down from -25% MS.
- Brownstone Totem now reduces movement speed by 25%, down from 35%.
- Capacitive Clip bonus damage increased to 9% per clip, up from 6%.
- Capacitive Clip now deals spell damage, instead of true damage.
- Vorpal Javelin pin duration reduced to 0.3 seconds at all levels, down from 0.8/0.9/1.1/1.2.
- Vorpal Javelin range reduced to 11, down from 15.
- Vorpal Javelin damage increased to 40/60/80/100 (+4% AGI), up from 25/35/45/55 (+7% AGI).
- Vorpal Surge damage increased to 70/130/190/250 (+7% AGI), up from 60/100/140/180 (+7% AGI).
- Burning Blade now deals damage equal to 30% of the damage dealt, up from 10%.
- Spell Storm now deals 70/90/110/130 (+3% STR) damage, up from 40/60/80/100 (+3% STR).
- Adjusted Spell Storm's animation to be more visible in battle.
- Omnislash now deals 150 (+10% STR or AGI), up from 100 (+10% STR or AGI).
- Psionic Bola range changed to 10/12/14/16 units, from 6/10/14/18.
- Expand! no longer boosts spell damage.
- Cleared up Psionic Slam effects.
- Dead Eye Lockdown now deals 60/110/160/210 (+10% INT), up from 60/100/140/180 (+10% INT).
- Bone Blade Boomerang now deals 60/100/140/180 (+10% STR), up from 60/80/100/120 (+10% INT).
- Bone Blade Boomerang energy cost increased to 80/100/120/140, up from 80/90/100/110.
- Swarm Invasion now deals 100/170/240 (+10% STR), instead of 100/170/240 (+10% INT).
- Base weapon damage increased to 32, up from 23.

Changelog v4.8Edit

Internal Version v2368
Quantum Spade.
- Now caps at 10 stacks.
- Duration of Tenacious Fury reduced to 3.5 seconds, down from 4 seconds.
- Tenacious Fury is now capped at 10 stacks.

Changelog v4.7Edit

Internal Version 2365
- Fixed issue causing player stats to not record properly.
- Added new command "-sc" to toggle visible ability cooldowns.
- "-roster" settings are now properly saved to your account.
- "-fct" settings are now properly saved to your account.
- "-hero" will now maintain previous hero's level when switching.
- Aeon's Optic Blast now deals physical damage.
- Fixed bug causing Aeon to permanently kill heroes.
- Neutral creeps no longer aggro unless they have been attacked or damaged.
- Improved reliability of neutral creep shackling.
- Fixed bug causing neutral creeps to permanently kill players.
{C}Boundary Scanner
- Cost increased to 150 (50 each) minerals, up from 50 (16.66 each) minerals.
{C}Space-Time Capsule
- No longer responds to player-owned structures.
{C}Superheated Mantle
- Recipe cost increased to 1050, up from 800.
- Spell Resist decreased to 17, down from 20.
- Fixed energy cost for Brownstone Totem. Energy cost is now 135/195/225.
- Alliance identifier is now more visible on their respective totems.
- Anabolic Burst no longer destroys projectiles.
- Lowered opacity of Spell Storm.
- Boros is now transparent when using Spell Storm.
- Spell Storm no longer applies the shield to a nearby ally.
- Spell Storm now prevents Boros from attacking completely.
- Weapon range incresed to 0.85, up from 0.5.
- Weapon size elongated.
- Spell Storm is now transient.
- Improved movement resolution of Bone Armor elements.
- Bone Armor no longer resists true damage.
- Bone Armor no longer loses charges when attacking.
- Bone Armor now increases all damage by 15%, instead of physical damage by 20%.
- Bone Armor now absorbs 3 attacks by non-heroes per charge. Attacks from heroes or towers still
{C}consume 1 charge.
- Each individual Swarm Invasion projectile will now cripple units in the target area with fear,
{C}reducing their movement speed by 25%.
- Overdrive damage ticks now properly scale with Time Scale.
- Energy cost of Overdrive reduced to 65/75/85/95, down from 80/90/100/110.
- Cooldown of Overdrive reduced to 30/25/20/15, down from 40/35/30/25.
- Blinkstorm damage ticks now properly scale with Time Scale.
- Cooldown of Blinkstorm reduced to 30/25/20/15, down from 40/35/30/25.
- Energy cost of Blinkstorm reduced to 65/75/85/95, down from 80/90/100/110.
- Tenacous Fury is no longer affected by Time Scale.
- Dead Eye Cloak Field now grants (+1%/50 AGI) movement speed TO Rancor while active.
- Increased missile speed of Swarm Burst to 8, up from 4.
- Fixed bug that would cause Parasitic Infusion to lag the game.
- Parasitic Infusion now lasts 25 seconds, up from 20.
- Parasitic Infusion now procs if the damage value from Parasitic Infusion would kill the target.
- Fixed a bug causing orbs to not properly dissipate after 60 seconds.
- Fixed a bug causing orbs to continue to generate after death.
- Radius of Seismic Wave increased to 5, up from 3.3.
- Fixed bug causing Stepping Strikes to reduce base weapon damage by 3.
- Magnetic Link no longer destroys projectiles.

Changelog v4.6Edit


{C}Hand of Mengsk
- Fixed bug causing Hand of Mengsk users to take 100% extra damage instead of 30%.
{C}Chrono Dagger
- Cost increased to 1800, up from 1600.

- Fixed typos in Dark Surge.
- Reduced cast time of Aberrated Claymore to 0.5 seconds, down from 1 second.
- Seismic Wave now grants kills from pillar explosions.
- Modified Magnitude's spread as it progresses down the line.
- Toned down effects on Magnitude.
- Toned down effects on Molten Lance.
- Damage from Blinkstorm lowered to 10/20/30/40 (+2% STR), down from 15/30/45/60 (+5% STR).
- Damage ticks from Blinkstorm are now affected by Time Scale.
- Damage from Immortal Solace changed to 10/15/20 (+1% STR), from 10/15/20 (+1% INT).
- Energy cost of Immortal Solace increased to 125/175/225, up from 150 at all levels.
- Reduced visual clutter of Immortal Solace.
- Damage from Overdrive lowered and changed to 10/20/30/40 (+2% STR), down from 15/30/45/60 (+10% AGI).
- Overdrive no longer causes Zyrkhan to lens flare.
- Overdrive now grants Unitwalking (can walk through units).
- Overdrive now increases your movement speed by 20/30/40/50%, up from 15/25/35/45%.
- Energy cost of overdrive reduced to 80/90/100/110, down from 90/100/110/120.
- Duration of Zyrkhan's Overdrive is no longer affected by Time Scale.
- Damage ticks from Overdrive are now affected by Time Scale.

- Erekul's Vengeance now deals true damage instead of spell damage.
- Increased cast range of Erekul's Vengeance to 6, up from 5.
- Increased cast range of Parasitic Infusion to 8, up from 6.5.

Changelog v4.5-4.4Edit

- Fixed several bugs with player commands.
{C}Superheated Mantle
- Passive is now unique.
- Passive damage increased to 40 damage per second, up from 30.
- Removed orb animation.
- Added persistent animation.
- Killing yourself no longer grants bonuses from Fan the Flames.
- Killing yourself no longer grants bonuses from Mastermind.
- Fixed bug causing Bone Armor to also negate spell damage.
- Root duration of Vorpal Spear reduced to 0.8/0.9/1/1.1, down from 0.8/1/1.2/1.4.
- Vorpal Javelin can now be used up to 3 times in quick succession.
- Vorpal Javelin now has a 7 second recharge time.
- Vorpal Spheres no longer periodically deal damage to nearby enemies.
- Vorpal Spheres now boost Valedict's weapon damage by 2%.
- Dark Surge now deals 60/100/140/180 (+7% STR), instead of 60/100/140/180 (+7% AGI)
- Decreased Spell Storm area of effect to 2.6, down from 2.8.
- Base health increased to 225, up from 200.
- Increased Civilian Takedown cast range to 7, up from 6. (Does not increase throw range).

Changelog v4.3Edit

- Added team roster. Enable or disable roster display by typing "-roster" in chat.
- Added target hero inventory display.
- Static inventory buffs are no longer displayed in the buff sidebar, to the left of the vital display.
- Restructured game commands, type "-help" in chat for a list of commands.
- Added "-hero <argument>" command to command list. Allows you to swap heroes in test mode.
{C}New Hero:
- BioTron.Tyrannitus
- Raised maximum camera height to 42, up from 34.
- Lowered mimum camera height to 10, down from 18.
- Zoom levels range from 0(furthest) to 8(closest), game default zoom is 2.
- Effects such as Mad Craving and Magnetic Presence will no longer self-kill.
- Resystematized true and event damage labels.
- Creep aggro interest increased to 5 seconds, up from 3.5.
- Structure aggro interest increased to 10 seconds, up from 3.5.
- Item buffs are no longer displayed in the side buff space.
- Attacking yourself with beacons no longer causes lane creeps to pause.
- Towers now gain +20% weapon damage bonus per attack when attacking heroic units, up to a maximum of +120% damage. Each
{C}stack lasts for 15 seconds. Towers will lose a +20% weapon damage bonus stack per attack on non-heroic units.
- Tower damage increased to 150/180/210/240, up from 145/160/175/190.
- Towers will now clearly identify their targets upon engagement with a targeting frame.
- Destroying all upgrade structures (gateway/cyberneticscore/roachwarren/hydraliskden) will instantly maximize your creep
{C}scaling to 30.
- Destroying an upgrade structure will now increase creep scaling by 2 stacks, up from 1.
- Overmind Ultralisks now have 3000 base health, up from 1600.
- Encampment Colossus now have 2500 base health, up from 1300.
- Bare minimum mineral value of creep waves is now constant regardless of additional forces.
- Aeon and Leviathan now only apply their respective buffs to heroes.
- Animation improved on Aeon and Leviathan Slayer buffs.
- Stun definitions reworked, now allows you to queue movement and attack commands during a stun. {C}
{C}Superheated Mantle
- Equip animation improved. Now reflects the number of mantles the user is wearing.
- Now deals damage in spell damage, instead of true damage.
- Passive removed; New Passive: Your spell damage slows affected enemy movement speeds by 15% for 2 seconds. Will slow for
{C}35% instead if instantaneous damage exceeds 300. This passive is unique.
{C}Quantum Spade
- Passive removed; New Passive: On attack, increase your time scale by 10% for 2 seconds.
{C}Hand of Mengsk
- Weapon Speed bonus reduced to +10%, down from +14%.
- Passive removed; New Active: +100% Weapon Speed, +20% Movement Speed, +30% to all incoming damage for 12 seconds. When
{C}effect ends, 50% of weapon damage dealt is converted into health.
{C}Darksteel Titan
- Can now deploy AntiMarines anywhere within a 40 unit radius.
- Passive: If the user takes 300 damage within 2 seconds, he gains +35% movement speed for 2 seconds.
{C}Sanctum Relic
- Lifesteal from Sanctum Relic is no longer displayed.
{C}Zerg Symbiosis
- Lifesteal from Zerg Symbiosis is no longer displayed.
{C}Contamination Shard
- Armor Reduction from Contamination Shard is no longer displayed.
{C}Phase Cloak
- Now dispels on spellcasts with costs.
{C}Space-Time Capsule
- Now dispels on movement or knockback.
{C}Psionic Lasher
- Now drains 6% of current energy, down from of 7% of current energy.
{C}Organic Carapace
- Fixed bug causing Organic Carapce to continue healing despite having been attacked within the last 6 seconds.
{C}Smoke Screen
- Cost reduced to 65 minerals.
{C}Field Radar
- Cost reduced to 70 minerals.
{C}Isomorphic Pyre
- No longer displays floating combat text.
{C}Coat of Arms
- No longer displays floating combat text.
{C}Black Hole Magnum
- Now deals damage in spell damage, instead of true damage.
- Your attacks will now suck in nearby enemies towards the target.
- Passive no longer reduces Time Scale.
- No longer displays floating combat text.
- Damage bonus increased to 25, up from 20.
- Splash damage increased to 65, up from 50.
{C}Shrapnel Cloak
- Now deals damage in spell damage, instead of true damage.
{C}Psionic Lasher
- No longer displays floating combat text.
{C}Vital Infusion
- Reduced HDR on effect actor.
- Reduced opacity on effect actor.
- Reduced HDR on effect actor.
- Reduced opacity on effect actor.
- Tint is now pinkish, instead of dark green. {C}
- Molten Lance will now break off if the distance between the target and the user is greater than 25.
- Molten Lance post-pull stun reduced to 0.5 seconds, down from 1.
- Martyr now deals spell damage to Mandrake.
- Psionic Bola will now break off if the distance between the target and the user is greater than 25.
- Increased area of effect on Spell Storm from 2 to 2.8.
- Optic Beam range increased to 9, up from 7.
- Optic Beam now deals 30/45/60/75 (+7% INT), up from 30/45/60/75 (+5% INT).
- Optic Beam is now affected by Time Scale.
- Magnetic Link now silences for 5 seconds at all levels, up from 2/3/4/5.
- Base damage per second from Metabolic Parasite reduced to 30/50/70, down from 40/75/110.
- Slightly reduced opacity on Blinkstorm effects.
- Slightly reduced opacity on Overdrive effects.
- Slightly reduced opacity on Immortal Solace effects.
- Blinkstorm now deals 15/30/45/60 (+5% STR), down from 20/40/60/80 (+5% STR).
- Blinkstorm energy cost reduced to 80/90/100/110, down from 90/100/110/120.
- Overdrive now deals 15/30/45/60 (+10% AGI), up from 10/20/30/40 (+510 AGI).
- Neurotic Visage now deals 20/40/60 damage per second, down from 30/60/90.
- Neurotic Visage no longer procs on spell damage.
- Venomous Reflux damage over time reduced to 40/80/120/160 (+7% AGI), down from 50/100/150/200 (+7% AGI).
- Venomous Reflux cooldown increased to 23 seconds, up from 20.
- Gravitus now throws the target at a nearby location if the target point for Psionic Slam is invalid.
- Slightly reduced opacity on Spatial Flux effects.
- Psionic Slam cooldown increased to 13 seconds, up from 10.
- Gravitus strength gain per level reduced to 23, down from 30.
- Fast Twitch now deals 150% bonus damage, up from 100%.
- Phase Strike jump time decreased, now charges directly at the target, in contrast to an arc through the air.
- Slightly reduced opacity on Planar Void effects.
- Increased maximum range of Dark Surge to 10, up from 9.
- When under 3 orbs, Vorpal will regenerate 1 orb per 20 seconds (Time Scaleable).
- Vorpal Orbs will now immediately transport to Vorpal's location if the distance between them is too great.
- Vorpal's orbs will no longer be visibile while he is cloaked.
- Dark Matter animation now has a 0.5 second cooldown.
- Glaive Wurm now deals 10%*(0.75^bounce#) of Kerrigan's weapon damage (physical), instead of dealing a flat 2.5/5/7.5/10% of
{C}STR per bounce (spell).
- Kerrigan's STR gain reduced to 21, down from 28.
- Kerrigan's base health reduced to 150, down from 200.
- Kerrigan's AGI growth increased to 19, up from 18.
- Bone Armor now grants 100% resistance to physical damage, up from 50%.
- Juxtapose now generates illusions every 14/12/10/8 attacks, up from 6/5/4/3.
- Juxtapose now grants Tassadar a passive +2/4/6/8% Evasion.
- Juxtapose now cloaks Tassadar for 0.5 seconds when generating an illusion.
- Juxtapose illusions now take 250% damage, down from 400%.
- Juxtapose illusions now deal true damage.
- Tassadar's Juxtapose hallucinations no longer benefit from armor.
- Tassadar's Ellude hallucinations now register the appropriate stat bonus.
- Khala Triforce energy cost reduced to 40/50/60/70, down from 60/70/80/90.
- Khala Triforce now deals damage equal to 50% of maximum health when used on non-heroes (does not work on massive creeps).
- Erekul's Vengeance now deals spell damage instead of true damage.
- Reduced opacity on Terrazine Radiation cloud.

Changelog v4.2Edit

= New Content
{C}New Heroes:
= Assets
- Health bar sizes decreased across the board.
- Inventory display is now centered, framed, and enlarged to match Blizzard UI.
{C}Team Indicators
- Opacity on team indicators for spells reduced.
- Team indicators on heroes scaled up slightly.
{C}Loading Screen
- New loading screen by Artfix. (v1)
{C}Ability Assets
- New color ability icons for Sarah.Kerrigan, Roulette.Jackson, Infernal.Mandrake.
{C}Stat Tracking
- In-game player stat tracking re-enabled. GLOOP will be re-initialized at a later date.
= Mechanics
{C}Clarification: Light-type units do not proc most effects based on unit death, such as Exhume or Fan the Flames.
= Items
{C}Contamination Shard
- Armor debuff decreased to 200 armor, down from 350.
{C}Warp Fragment
- Cost increased to 1700, up from 100.
- No longer has charges, 60 second cooldown, up from 1 charge, 0 second cooldown.
{C}Space-Time Capsule
- Bumping into a unit channeling Space-Time Capsule no longer breaks channeling.
{C}Darksteel Titan
- Cast delay decreased to 0 seconds, down from 0.25.
- Damage bonus decreased to 60, down from 70.
{C}Chrono Elixir
- Cost increased to 600, up from 400.
{C}Hand of Mengsk
- Hand of Mengsk is now subject to diminishing returns.
= Heroes
*- Base damage increased to 29, up from 24.
- Fan the Flames no longer procs off Hallucinations.
- Base damage increased to 24, up from 22.
- Exhume no longer procs off Light units.
- Exhume no longer procs off Hallucinations.
- Erekul's Vengeance now deals true damage.
- Charisma increased to 6% physical resistance, up from 4%.
- Overdrive now deals 10/20/30/40 (+10% AGI) damage per second, up from 10/20/30/40 (+5% AGI) damage per second.
- Base damage increased to 24, up from 22.
- Base damage increased to 23, up from 21.
- Base damage increased to 35, up from 30.
- Fungal Growth cast time decreased to 0.5 seconds, down from 0.7.
- Metabolic Parasite damage increased to 40/75/110 + 3/4/5% (+0.5%/200 INT), up from 3/4/5% (+0.5%/200 INT).
- Metabolic Parasite projectile speed increased to 23, up from 17.
- Movement speed of Infested Airborne Division increased to 1.5, up from 1.
- Health cost of Infested Airborne Division decreased to 2.5%, down from 3%.
- Peristalsis movement speed reduction reduced to to 45/35/25/15% reduction, down from 40% at all levels.
- Base damage increased to 26, up from 23.
- Base damage increased to 33, up from 23.
- Slightly improved Phase Strike animation.
- Base damage increased to 40, up from 33.
- Fast Twitch cooldown decreased to 5 seconds, down from 9 seconds.
- Fast Twitch damage bonus increased to 100%, up from 50%.
- Mastermind no longer procs off Hallucinations.
- Chaos Theory now deals 250/350/450 (+10% INT) damage, up from 150/250/350 (+10% INT).
- Magnetic Link now deals 60/90/120/150 (+5% INT) initial damage, up from 60/90/120/150.
- Optic Beam now deals 30/45/60/75 (+5% INT) damage, instead of 30/45/60/75 (+5% STR).
- Base damage increased to 26, up from 23.
- Spell Storm now resists 100% spell damage and 0% physical damage, instead of 30% of all damage.
- Strength gain per level increased to 21, up from 19.
- Base damage increased to 27, up from 24.
- Tassadar's illusions now tint properly when detected.
- Ardent Retribution no longer damages structures.

Changelog v4.1Edit

= New Content
= Assets
- Terrain smoothed out slightly to reduce jagged artifacts.
- Leaderboard player names are now greyed out when a player has left the game.
- Leaderboard colored text has been flushed to be readable for the colorblind.
*If the problem of color readability persists, or you have a similar problem with another game aspect, please contact us with more information.
{C}Hero Select
- Fixed a bug causing duplicate hero picks.
- Recommended Items re-enabled.
= Mechanics
{C}Kill Streaks
- Time window for Double/Triple/Monster Kill increased to 35 seconds, up from 20.
{C}Game Conditions
- Camera now pans to destroyed Nydus Worm/Fleet Beacon when the game ends.
{C}Death Timer
- Death timer increased to Hero_Level*6.0, up from Hero_Level*4.0.
- You can no longer get assists by damaging allied players.
{C}Primary Creeps
- Fixed creep aggro.
- Increased duration of creep aggro to 3.5 seconds, up from 3.
- Reduced armor gain per growth stack to 40, down from 50.
{C}Rune Creeps
- No longer swaps between players if multiple players attempt to acquire the rune creep simultaneously.
{C}Neutral Creeps
- Reduced armor gain per growth stack to 35, down from 50.
- Reduced life gain per growth stack to 7%, down from 10%.
- Creep growth stack cap reduced to 9, down from 15.
- Increased growth stack period to 360 seconds, up from 300 seconds.
- Tower armor reduced to 1400/1700/2000/2300 down from 1600/1850/2100/2700.
- Tower damage increased to 145/160/175/190 up from 120/145/155/164.
- Tier 1 towers are now invulnerable until game initializes.
{C}Pylons/Creep Tumors
- No longer grant a damage bonus, down from 9 physical damage.
- Now regerneates energy of nearby units by 0.05% per second.
- Attack speed bonus factor increased to 0.0004% per point, up from 0.0002% per point.
- BulletTime resolution to 1 transition.
- BulletTime speed range reduced from Faster to Fast, down from Faster to Normal.
- BulletTime trigger range reduced from 3.0 to 2.75.
= Items
{C}Primal Gutter
- Passive damage response now applies proper debuff.
{C}Coat of Arms
- Cleaned up lifesteal conditions. Will no longer restore health via spell if a structure is attacked prior to a spellcast.
- Lifesteal no longer procs when attacking illusions.
- Text tag for lifesteal effect is no longer displayed for 'Light' units.
{C}Zerg Symbiosis
- Cleaned up lifesteal conditions. Will no longer restore health via spell if a structure is attacked prior to a spellcast.
- Lifesteal no longer procs when attacking illusions.
{C}Sanctum Relic
- Lifesteal no longer procs when damaging illusions.
{C}Hand of Mengsk
- Now procs when minions kill enemies.
{C}Observer Toolkit
- Fixed sell price discrepancy.
- Fixed a bug causing observers purchased with full inventory to not decloak when moving.
- Fixed Truesight Lens upgraded life and shield values.
{C}Psiblaster Beacon
- Now drains 4 energy per tick, up from 2.
{C}Space-Time Capsule
- The teleport location is now identified while the user is channeling the teleport.
{C}Contamination Shard
- Effect no longer procs on Neutrals, Aeon, or Leviathan Youngling.
= Heroes
- Activating Martyr no longer causes Mandrake to pause momentarily.
- Fixed tooltips on Martyr.
- Using Magnitude no longer renders the target invulnerable while in the air.
- Dead Eye Lockdown damage reduced to 60/100/140/180 (+10% INT) damage, down from 70/120/170/220 (+15% INT) damage.
- Dead Eye Cloak Field damage bonus increased to 40/70/100/130 (+10% AGI), up from 40/70/100/130 (+5% AGI).
- Ardent Retribution now deals the proper damage amount to the killing unit.
- Ardent Retribution damage now deals damage based on a percentage of the killing unit's current health instead of maximum health.
- Tassadar's cloaking occlusion is no longer visible.
- Fixed a bug causing dead illusions to burn enemies when equipped with Superheated Mantle.
- Illusions created by Juxtapose now inherit the proper stats from item bonuses.
- Swarm Invasion now properly displays the required energy cost.
- Chronorift Fortification time scale reduced to +50/80/110/140%, down from +50/100/150/200%.
- Chronorift Fortification cast range decreased to 6, down from 7.
- Fixed several missing behavior icons.
- Fixed typo indicating bounce count on Concussive Rebounder.
- Concussive Rebounder now deals 60/90/120/150 (+5% INT) damage to non-heroes.
- Concussive Rebounder now deals 40 (+5% INT) damage to player heroes.
- Molotov energy cost increased to 120/135/150/165, up from 120 at all levels.
- Flaming Stevie tick damage flagged as spell damage.
- Flaming Stevie deployment time increased to 1.7 seconds, up from 1 second.
- Flaming Stevie cast range increased to 7, up from 6.
- Cleaned up Shade effects.
- Fixed post-vortex invulnerbility.
- Base health reduced to 165, down from 200.
- Base health increased to 225, up from 200.
- Fixed bug causing Unfolding Fates to not deal damage or slow if countdown was refreshed via a second attack.
- Unfolding Fate damage reduced to 4/8/12/16% Agility, down from 5/10/15/20%.
- Unfolding Fate backstab component is now clarified via text.
- Fixed bug preventing Unfolding Fate from stacking while counting down.
- Phase Strike cooldown increased to 20/16/12/8, up from 20/15/10/5.
- Planar Void can no longer teleport units to a location that would get them stuck.
- Fixed Psionic Bola.
- Psionic Bola now displays a radius of effect.
- Psionic Bola max radius increased to 1.3, up from 1.25.
- Psionic Bola speed increased to 12, up from 10.
- Psionic Bola rate of expansion increased to 0.075, up from 0.05.
- Double Strike now procs 10/18/26/34% of the time, instead of after 6/5/4/3 attacks.
- Spell Storm now applies the behavior to 1 nearby allied unit, down from 2 nearby allied units.
- Spell Storm buff is applied to closest allied unit.
- Spell Storm now scales with STR, instead of INT.
- Spell Storm damage increased to 40/65/90/115 (+3% STR) per second, up from 20/30/40/50 (+5% INT) per second.
- Spell Storm damage resistance increased to 30%, up from 15%.
- Spell Storm now reduces weapon speed by 50%.
- Omnislash base damage increased to 125.
- Omnislash now based on STR or AGI, instead of INT or AGI.
- Omnislash search range reduced to 6.5, down from 8.5.
- Base health reduced to 160, down from 200.
- Spatial Flux now costs 8% of total life to cast.
- Spatial Flux no longer costs energy.
- Spatial Flux energy regeneration reduced to 40/70/100/130 (+5% INT), down from 40/80/120/160.
- Constricting Slime energy cost increased to 120/125/130/135, up from 120 at all levels.
- Expand! strength bonus reduced to 90/180/270, down from 150/300/450.
- Expand! weapon speed reduction lowered to 15/24/33%, up from 20/35/50%.
- Fast Twitch countdown decreased to 9 seconds, down from 15.
- Psionic Slam now prioritizes units closer to Gravitus.
- Psionic Slam now prioritizes enemy heroes.
- Base health reduced to 145, down from 200.
- Mad Craving now grants +10% (+1%/200 AGI), up from 10% (+1%/250 AGI).
- Mad Craving duration increased to 8 seconds, up from 7.
- Mad Craving cooldown decreased to 60/50/40, down from 80 at all levels.
- Spectre life increased to 80/110/140/170, up from 80 at all levels.
- Spectres now have passive 25% spell resist (Elusive Insanity).
- Concussion now dazes for 2/4/6/6 seconds, down from 2/4/6/8 seconds.
- Concussion cooldown reduced to 15/15/15/12, down from 15 seconds at all levels.
- Concussion damage increased to 50 (+3% AGI) per tick, from 40 (+4% AGI) per tick.
- Concussion cast range decreased to 6.5, down from 7.

Changelog v4.0Edit

New Hero
{C}Attribute Systems
Each hero now has a unique attribute growth pattern and primary attribute.
Increasing your hero's primary attribute will add 1 weapon damage for every 10 points.
Strength: Health and Health Regeneration
Agility: Weapon Speed and Armor
Intelligence: Energy and Energy Regeneration
------------------------ Additional Stats
Time Scale: Locally increases the rate at which the unit's game clock passes. Does not increase weapon or movement speeds.
Time: Locally increases the rate at which the unit's game clock passes.
Bullet-Time: Game speed is globally reduced during encounters. The closer you are to an enemy hero, the slower the game will become.
Armor: Armor now mitigates a percentage of physical damage and has diminishing returns.
Ability Scaling: Abilities and ability effects now scale with specific attributes (STR/AGI/INT)
Spell Resist: Spell resistance has been added to the game.
Creeps will now defend your base until the next wave spawns.
Towers no longer deal splash damage.
Secret shops have been merged with shops from the base.
New boss added: Leviathan Youngling.
Killing a boss will now grant your entire team a defensive or offensive boost.
Side shops now sell all consumables.
Terrain balance improved on both sides of the map.
Neutral creeps grow stronger every 5 minutes.
Primary creeps grow stronger every 7.5 minutes.
Test mode added, "Create Game" and play single player to activate "-lvl" command. Type "-lvl X" where X is a number to level up your hero, spawn test dummies, and increase mineral count to 100000.
Stat tracking temporarily disabled.
{C}New Items
Item count increased to 70 unique items.
*For a list of item effects and statistics, refer to the attached public data spreadsheet.
All items have been tweaked to conform to the new systems and new balance spectrum.
The following items have been removed: Small Hadron Collider, Rail Cannon, Ironforge Beacon, Shock Beacon, Aeon of Strife.
The following items have been >fundamentally< reworked: Sanctum Relic, Coat of Arms, Stabilizer
The following items have been added: (+38)
----------------------- Components
Mirror Plating
----------------------- Adv. Components
Hypertrophic Carapace
Pneumatized Cloak
Higgs-Boson Capacitor
Lightstream Circulator
Xel'Naga Pocketwatch
Iridescent Mox
Rare Earth Exoskeleton
Xel'Naga Cartilage
Hyperion Incinerator
Diamond Bark
----------------------- Consumables
Observer Toolkit
Smoke Screen
Distilled Adrenaline
Blinkmoth Infusion
Chrono Elixir
Field Radar
----------------------- Tier 1
Star Treks
Rick Rollers
Void Steppers
Timewalker's Greaves
Twin Paradox Isolator
Serrated Cleaver
Barbed Plating
Spell Buffer
Hand of Mengsk
----------------------- Tier 2
Hyperion Shield Generator
Isomorphic Pyre
Black Hole Magnum
Shrapnel Cloak
Psionic Lasher
Superheated Mantle
Infernal Shard
Sunflare Gun

Hero Selection interface significantly improved and redesigned to accomodate for future expansions.
New tab added to vendors.
Leaderboard can now be toggled by pressing "Tab".
Nearby vendors can now be togged by pressing "B". Will toggle side shop if nearby.
Camera Locking improved.
Recommended Items tab disabled. Will be re-enabled in a later patch.

Hero Revamps
All abilities redesigned to scale with specific attribute gains.
Unique passives added to each hero.
Hero quality and documentation significantly improved.
*For a list of changes to each hero, refer to attached public data spreadsheet.
The following heroes have been >significanty< reworked: Toximancer.Vespus, Prelate.Zeratul
The following heroes are pending system conversions, and will be released at a later date (in no particular order): (-10)