Minerals serve as the currency for SotIS, you can gain minerals in numerous ways, and they are used for buying items.

How to get mineralsEdit

  • You passively get 1 mineral every second (although if a person is missing from your team, you gain 2 minerals per second, and if 2 people are missing, you gain 3 minerals per second, etc), If you are missing 10 minerals for an item do not fret, just wait those 10 seconds
  • Last hitting creeps grants you a nice 30-33 mineral bonus
  • You get minerals for killing heroes and assisting killing the heroes, but assisting grants less minerals
  • Everyone on your team is granted 250 minerals for slaying Aeon.
  • Everyone on your team is granted 400 minerals for slaying Daggoth.
  • Everyone on your team is granted 200 minerals from destroying towers.