Items are the equipment that the player's hero can purchase with minerals. Items make heroes stronger and have special abilities that heroes can use. Item recipes are items that are required to form together to form that specific item.

Items listEdit


Accelerator Focus Prism Metabolic Booster Cybernetic Fortifier Fusion Blade
Psionic Ravager Temporal Plating Storm Pauldrons Anabolic Circulator Pulse Regenerator
Neosteel Vestaments Quantum Spade Chrono Dagger Mirror plating Zerg Symbiosis

Advanced ComponentsEdit

Pulmonary restitutor Cerebral aggregator Hypertrophic carapace Pneumatized cloak Higgs-boson capacitor
Gravitic Booster Lightstream circulator Xel'naga pocketwatch Iridescent mox Rare earth exoskeleton
Xel'naga cartilage Hyperion incinerator Chaos prism Diamond bark Nullifier

Tier 1 RecipesEdit

Vernal inhibitor Star treks Rick rollers Void steppers Timewalkers greaves
Infernal beacon Arbalest beacon Psiblaster beacon Twin paradox isolator Serrated cleaver
Primal gutter Barbed plating Spell buffer Hand of mengsk Phase cloak

Tier 2 RecipesEdit

Hyperion shield generator Contamination shard Sanctum Relic Pulse hammer Isomorphic pyre
Black hole magnum Coat of arms Darksteel Titan Shrapnel cloak Psionic lasher
Organic Carapace Superheated mantle Infernal shard Synergizer Sunflare gun


Space-time capsule Warp fragment Vital infusion Neurorejuvenator Observer toolkit
Boundary scanner Ambient Balancer Stabilizer Resonator Smoke screen
Galvanizer Distilled adrenaline Blinkmoth serum Chrono elixir Field radar toolkit
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