Primary Attribute Strength
Strength 31 (+8)
Agility 18 (+2)
Intelligence 26 (+5)
Starting Health 250
Movement Speed 2.9
Weapon Damage 36
Weapon Speed 1.9
Attack Range 0.8
Armor 3.8
Sight Range 12
Class Tank
Role Initiator
Status Current
Alignment Neutral

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Infernal.Mandrake Edit


Once rooted in the fiery depths of a sun, a solar flare ejected Infernal Mandrake onto land. With a subsistence that once depended on the intense flames of a star, he now roams the land seeking sources of heat to fuel his dying form.

Mandrake is a creature native to stars, but can sometimes be found residing within the cores of planets, where the intense heat is an adequate habitat for the beast.


Fan The Flames
Fan The Flames
Class Heroic
Type Passive
Mandrake gains +2 Strength every time he kills a hero, and +1 Strength for assists.
Level Description
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Molten Lance
Molten Lance
Class Normal
Hotkey Q
Type Active
Target Type Point
The Mandrake deals 60/120/180/240 (+60% INT) Spell Damage to enemies in target area, then pulls all units the line of fire towards himself.
Level Description Energy CD Rng
1 60 (+60% INT) damage. 110 18 7
2 120 (+60% INT) damage. 120 17 8
3 280 (+60% INT) damage. 130 16 9
4 240 (+60% INT) damage. 140 15 10
  • Area of Effect of 2

Class Normal
Hotkey W
Type Toogle
Target Type None
The Mandrake gains 10% Movement Speed. Every second, the intense heat deals 30/50/70/90 (+1% of your Maximum Health) Spell Damage to both the Mandrake and nearby enemies.
Level Description CD
1 30 + (1% of maximum health) damage per second. 1
2 50 + (1% of maximum health) damage per second. 1
3 70 + (1% of maximum health) damage per second. 1
4 90 + (1% of maximum health) damage per second. 1
  • A disable button is put in place when Martyr is on.
  • Martyr can't be toogled during silence
  • Area of Effect of 3

Molten Armor
Molten Armor
Class Normal
Hotkey E
Type Passive
The Mandrake gains +4/8/12/16% Spell Resistance. If an enemy attacks the Mandrake within a 3 unit range, they are burned for 4 seconds. Burned units take 10/20/30/40 Spell Damage per second.
Level Description
1 +4% Spell Resistance. Burns for 10 Spell Damage per second.
2 +8% Spell Resistance. Burns for 20 Spell Damage per second.
3 +12% Spell Resistance. Burns for 30 Spell Damage per second.
4 +16% Spell Resistance. Burns for 40 Spell Damage per second.

Class Ultimate
Hotkey R
Type Active
Target Type None
The Mandrake detonates himself, dealing 150/250/350 (+100% INT) Spell Damage in a large area around himself. Damaged units are sent Airborne for 1.25 seconds, and lose 50% Movement Speed for 3 seconds. Mandrake remains buried for 5 seconds, regenerating 10% Health and Energy per second.
Level Description Energy CD
1 Deals 150 (+100% INT) damage. 160 180
2 Deals 250 (+100% INT) damage. 230 150
3 Deals 350 (+100% INT) damage. 300 120
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  • Area of Effect of 5

Playing as MandrakeEdit

After patch 4.15, Mandrake's ability to pull enemy heroes to his position was made much harder to land due to the removal of Magnitude. As such, when playing as Drake, it is advisable to first wait for others to initiate by stunning, slowing, or other CC affect before attempting to pluck the affected hero(es).

Because of the change to Martyr, also be careful when using it at early levels, as it can easily burn your health and cause you to die prematurely.

Finally, Epilogue is simply amazing in team fights. Martyr/Flash in and pop it in the middle of the enemy team, then let your team come in and clean up, while chasing enemies with martyr and molten lance.

I take full utility tree with drake. For skills, I go Q/W/Q/E/Q/R/Q/W/W/W/ stats onward until late game, then max E.

Playing against MandrakeEdit

Offense: Make sure to hit him with high burst damage and stun him if possible. Zeratul's bubble is great for this. Otherwise, he'll epilogue and get all his health back and immolate your team. You'll have low health and blown cooldowns, and he will have angry teammates descending upon you.

Defense: Keep moving perpendicular to Mandrake to make it harder for his Molten Lance to grab you. Blinks/cliff jumps and speed granting items (e.g. Spell Buffer) make it possible to escape a Martyring Mandrake. Juking sideways will let Mandrake catch up, but may save you from a Lance.

Premium GuideEdit

Written by NapalmlTM:[1]

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