This page will keep an updated list of what needs to be worked on, current larger projects, and other things you can do to help the wiki grow.

Here is general wiki editing help:

Current ProjectsEdit

  1. Items. There may be errors in the descriptions or information on items. To get the total list, we used Drach's Item Guide on the SotIS forums, and it's a bit outdated for some items. Feel free to change the information to make it correct. If you have questions about the coding, PM an admin and they should be able to help.
  2. Heroes. Recent updates (4.12 especially) have changed many hero abilities.
  3. A page for the Leviathan Youngling would be good to have. Click on the red text on its names and it'll take you to a page creation screen. Tell an admin when it's done, and we'll link it to the front page. The forums have a boss guide to help with information as well.
  4. Mechanics. This section is close to being finished, but needs a bit of help from a person well versed in the mechanics of the game to look over it.
  5. Talents. 4.12 introduced a Talent Tree system... And we have been inactive recently. We are entirely lacking such a page... Pictures, stats, everything. BIG project here.

As time goes on, we'll post more pages that need help. When you're editing, join the chat for the wiki (on a couple of blocks down on the right sidebar of the page), as we can talk to you there.

Something that needs to be done is a News section. The current admins are very wiki illiterate, and we are unsure if it's possible to implement an automatic update system that would pull information from the playsotis mainpage and put it onto our website. Our old news system required too much editing to keep up with on a week to week basis.

PM an admin if you have questions, and good luck.