Darksteel Titan
Darksteel Titan
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Advanced Item Information
Total Cost 4600
Recipe Cost 950
Buy from Main shop
Type Tier 2 Recipe
Components Hyperion Incinerator, Any Beacon Type x2
Effects +100 Strength, +100 Agility, +100 Intelligence, +80 Weapon Damage

[Active] Summon an Infernal, Arbalest or Psiblaster Marine. Can be used 4 times in quick succession.

  • This recipe may be created using a combination of any two beacons - Infernal, Arbalest or Psiblaster. Includes 2x of a single beacon type.
  • Marines are spawned on command in a 40 unit radius.
  • Using the command "-Infernal", "-Arbalest", "-Psiblaster", or "-random", will set the DST to spawn a specific type of Marine. the "random" option will spawn a random selection of Marines. EX: "-dst Arbalest" will call down Arbalest marines.